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F E M M E   F L E U R

I like to think that the women of my photographs live in  a "Secret Garden" of their own, a protected and enclosed space, which we can only approach with care and patience. And it takes patience and care for the women I portray, to talk about themselves. They do not exhibit their feelings, they prefer instead to barely whisper them, between the shadows and the light, they let those feelings to be glimpsed in the silent play of leaves and flowers. I like to use flowers in my photography, their delicate structure allows me to hint at the inner world of my protagonists. But even when the garden is not there, it can erupt from within, almost like a flowering that suddenly materializes on the body of my slender muses and protects them. The mental place where they felt safe, it then transforms itself, blossoming in the physical space inhabited by their bodies. 

Photography/Creative Direction: Monia Merlo
Hair & make-up: Marcela Bantea
Fashion design: Silvia Bisconti
Model: Angela Xu