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C A H I E R   D' A R T I S T E S
special project for Erika Cavallini

Five photographers, a five-year-old brand and five different tales. All told through a series of photographs and brought together in Cahier d’Artistes, a book bursting with atmosphere, colour and landscapes.

This is how Erika Cavallini has chosen to celebrate the first five years of the Semi-Couture brand. It is an unusual and romantic way, expressive and creative, and it perfectly reflects her personality and her unconventional, visionary nature, which can also be extremely intimate at times.

For each photographer eight pictures identify her world, her “feeling”, in a kind of surreal and fantastic unique tale, in which clothing forms part of the landscape.
Romanticism is a focal point throughout – romanticism in the literary sense of the word. It is a kind of individuality made up of imagination, fantasy, spirituality and emotions.
The result is a Deborah Turbeville-style descriptive collage, with blurred images, thin, ethereal landscapes and limp and faint female protagonists that bring to mind a young Francesca Woodman.
Both modern-day female photographers and anti-diva ultra-sophisticated artists famous for black and white pictures and pastel shades.
A rarefied aesthetic philosophy that joins together the five photographers of Cahier d’Artistes and is used to express a form of melancholy that goes beyond the limits of photography, and actually approaches art and reveals the hidden soul of things.
It also reveals the hidden soul of a garment and the discreet and reserved (yet also incisive and intriguing) nature of the person who created this and who chose it, regardless of whether this is then to be photographed or worn.